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Optimize Online Business Success With SearchGalore has been going around the “rodeo” of virtual reality-based marketing for more than a decade. In fact, it was among the very first four PPC search engines in existence. Times have changed drastically since SearchGalore’s initial inception. Rather than a loose-knit decentralized market distributed across numerous vendors, online search industry has become solidly dominated by a trio of enormous entities.

Consequently, most smaller search engines now derive their own results from one or more of those “Big 3.” a further consequence of this is the emergence of a widespread dilemma faced by specialty search engines. To remain competitive, these niche search engines have had to limit user inquiries to very narrow categories of search criteria, thereby circumventing the enormous data indexed by major providers.

Enter SearchGalore
SearchGalore has truly taken the search engine concept to an entirely new level. Users of this innovative platform may simultaneously search nearly 100 different search engines – with a single entry. This massive aggregation of vast virtual resources into a single source enables searchers to easily and quickly locate any desired data falling within their predefined parameters. SearchGalore is a valuable tool that affords much greater cost-effectiveness for internet advertising campaigns. It accomplishes this by allowing users to place bids on category positioning in addition to conventional keyword prices.

Emphasized Quality = Exceptional efficiency

Its user interface management nodule is easy to navigate. Deletions, editing, and addition of any URL or desired keyword(s) is very simple. The SearchGalore reporting capability displays all product category(ies) and keyword(s) for which previous bids have been submitted. It also allows total and per-bid cost analyses at a glance. Excel-compatible bulk submission capability further facilitates cost efficiency for online enterprises.

Specialized SearchGalore features

In addition to conventional pay per click internet advertising services, sponsored AdBox displays similar to Google AdWords are also available. Per SearchGalore officials, the PPC engine places a high premium on quality and relevancy. Accordingly, editorial staff review all listings prior to display within any SearchGalore-sponsored platform or display. In addition, advertisers receive an automated e-mail notification whenever their available account balance falls below $10 USD.

Getting started with SearchGalore

SearchGalore currently offers two options for online businesses which desire a greater focus on quality – rather than mere quantity – site traffic:

Basic listing
This option allows you to list a business URL in a categorized index at no cost. As mentioned earlier, free listings are subject to manual review by SearchGalore editorial staff to verify sufficient quality of all substantive site content.

Premium listing
This is “where it’s at” for webmasters who are serious about enhancing high-quality site traffic and bolstered search engine rankings. Choose from any or all of the following Premier packages:

Pay Per Click Search Listings
Advertiser placement within search results are based upon a competitive bidding system. Higher bids for relevant search terms receive more prominent placement within search result listings. Marketers are billed only for distinct site visitor click-through that originates from within

Targeted Banner Traffic
This feature allows advertisers to avoid wasting scarce resources on blanket banner impressions with no assurance of completed click-throughs. SearchGalore’s PPC Engine Banner Ad Program permits advertisers to pay only for actual results.

AdBox Sponsorships
SearchGalore AdBoxes are very much like those of Google. Advertisers submit competitive bids for relevant search terms. Successful bidders’ ads are displayed to searchers within a specialized highlighted AdBox adjacent to organic results.
Affiliate marketers can also make out very well by going with SearchGalore. Marketing affiliates may opt to earn either $.05 USD per click via direct savings account EFT deposit or $.02 USD via paper check.

Visit A deposit as low as $25 USD gets you started toward high-quality website traffic direction within 24 hours.