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March 2005 proved to be the day that opened their doors for business in a calculated chance meant to make a difference in the pay per click and internet advertising service industry. Offering a PPC Engine that is radically different and gives users a different perspective means that truly means to offer a greater user experience and not just a different look. has a true blue blood pedigree having been owned by CNET and NBC but the look they first unveiled in 2005 set the major search engines to work trying to match the new look and quality content provided by the new redeployed internet advertising service. The debut of this new look and new PPC Engine offered users the ability to find what they were looking for easier than ever before, providing them with the results they actually wanted without the extraneous information to search through like other search engines do.

As they have evolved, the different properties of have become players in an ultra tight, relevant contextual search network. Snap Shots, Snap Shots Ad Networks and Snap LinkAds are all connected to a highly developed spider web of internet properties that includes X1 Technologies, LookSmart,, Gigablast, DMOZ and AllHeadlineNews. This network provides an inside look at the behavioral aspect of the users by providing web content and ad shows based on the behavior of a user after arriving at a site and not on random single clicks. Most search engines and internet advertising service companies provide basically the same information based on click behavior and not on the overall use of a website after the user arrives.

Pay per click advertising had become stagnant and the innovations provided by have not only lifted the bar but provide useful statistical information by immediate feedback to users, advertisers and publishers on their proprietary interface. This allows the PPC Engine to see behavior after the click and make it almost impossible for advertisers to fall victim to click fraud by unscrupulous publishers. This makes planning a budget much easier and allows the focus to remain on quality of traffic and converting that traffic to buyers. Adding toolbars and reacting to user comments faster than any other search engines allows to provide results at almost double the speed of any other PPC Engine.

Advertisers are able to benefit from traditional pay per click and keyword search through the traditional bid auctions. However, has focused on fixed amount based on click per action (CPA) where the user provides interface with the site, whether by a download, form or signing up for a newsletter. Publishers are able to use the tools like, Snap Shots, to provide previews of highly relevant contextual ads. These previews can be profiles, text, static pictures or videos and depending on the intended audience behavior future ad shows can be done in the form that a particular user responds to best. has more planned changes to their website and services planned for late 2011. These changes have yet to be previewed but sources tell they are being designed to make use of emerging technology that will increase the relevance of ads based on a more focused consumer pattern of behavior. with the variety of options they offer and the changes that are in the works continue to be a team to watch.