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Open an account with PPC Sends Online Business Success Soaring! is a prime example of print-based Yellow Pages taken to entirely new marketing extremes. In fact, Internet Yellow Page (“IYP”) platforms are now the standard means of searching for phone numbers in many locales. owners have set their service apart with extensive outreach campaigns and partnerships with other internet advertising service offerings.

Recently, the extraordinarily ambitious SuperPages entrepreneurs have even entered the realm of pay per click search engines.

How it works:

Online Yellow Page operators have had great success in convincing existing print-based clients to convert to virtual listings. Vastly decreased costs and ability to alter a listing virtually at will are the primary business benefits that an internet advertising service offers over other alternatives.

Another major advantage is the availability of interactive mapping integration that lets customers easily find you at any location to which you might make a move.

In addition to all the above beneficial aspects, SuperPages affords the opportunity to add shopping sections within which web-based vendors may market products or services.

Basic mechanics of the SuperPages PPC Engine

Upon arrival at your SuperPages-hosted business homepage, prospective buyers are presented with a unique search bar. Its distinctive feature is that all “keyword” entries are based upon product and service categories. Both local and long-distance search options are available.

In addition to a specialized downloadable SuperPages toolbar which may be added to any browser, SuperPages also offers at-a-glance product and price comparisons. All advertisers utilizing this pay per click search engine enjoy the ability to link maps and phone or e-mail contact data. Businesses without a full-fledged online platform can also include a general profile. Perhaps the best pecuniary benefit of SuperPages PPC formats is a single charge per visitor – despite how many integrated links the specific viewer clicks.

Location, Location, Location

SuperPages results relevancy seems to be more location-emphasized than in comparable PPC search engines. This characteristic is especially beneficial for web-based businesses which primarily target local audiences. The theory that prospects who are closer to conversion and want to be locally are more likely to utilize is summarized in the following statement of a SuperPages spokesperson:

“Our focus is on local and national businesses offering product and services, which is very different from other pay per clickproviders that are mainly focused on virtual businesses selling products.”

SuperPages superior algorithmic sequence

As with Google’s other advertising alternatives, click-through-rate and bid amounts largely dictate both specific placement within business results listings. Thus, captivating content remains key to optimal visibility in online markets. In contrast to Google, SuperPages offers a quartet of campaign categories from which web-based marketers may choose to allow ads to appear:

1. Local-targeted
2. Metro-targeted
3. State
4. National

You may include as many of the above ad campaign types in your SuperPages merchant account as you like. All SuperPages ads also appear in partner networks like InfoSpace, MSN, Lycos, Dogpile, AskJeeves, and MSN. You can also call (866) 970-1107 toll-free to begin availing yourself of all marketing advantages today.