Reviews of Top Pay Per Click Search Engines

Pay Per Click Universe would like to present you with a list of the largest and oldest pay-per-click search engines currently available on the web. While there are over 500 PPC search engines operating at this time, these are the most popular that produce over 85% of all the Pay Per Click searches. Keep in mind that while they produce the most amount of traffic, there is quite a bit of competition, which brings the bid prices higher than their smaller counterparts.

We have reviewed each of these search engines, based on its usability, features, popularity, and many other factors. You are encouraged to read them, in order to gain a better understanding if the search engine is right for you.

In addition to these top search engines, you can also check out a variety of smaller search engine reviews (updated periodically) by visiting this section.

Microsoft AdCenter
As an Internet marketer, you understand how important it is to direct highly target traffic to your website. While SEO advertising is important, some Internet marketers are turning to PPC campaigns to generate the traffic they need to profit monthly. Bing, powered by Microsoft, is quickly becoming one of the most searched search engines on the web. If you are trying to decide which search engine PPC campaign is the best you should always do your research. Go in depth and see if Bing PPC can generate you the traffic you need to succeed online.

Google AdWords
Every business owner knows that advertising can be a very hit-and-miss process. While taking out expensive ads certainly might net you valuable new customers, it also stands a good chance of being a waste of money. Some companies have had the unfortunate experience of paying a lot for large ads only to receive no return at all on them. Google Ad Words PPC is an interesting way to skirt around this issue. In this article, we will discuss this service in more detail and explain why it is unusually useful. As you will see, signing up for it is easy, so read on and see what it can do fo

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